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European citizens do not participate equally in the Information society: in fact, the digital gap is moving down from infrastructures to uses. Based on this observation, local authorities in Europe have developed Digital Public Spaces (DPS) promoting e-inclusion.

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6.West-Pannon Nonprofit Ltd. (HU)

West-Pannon Regional and Economic Development Nonprofit Ltd has been founded as a daughter company of the state-owned West-Pannon Development Holding ZRt. The mission of the nonprofit Ltd, which is still majority-state-owned, is to support the initiation and implementation of cooperation-based regional and economic development processes in the West Transdanubian Region. Its aim is to strengthen networking among the region’s municipalities, enterprises and NGOs at small-regional, county and regional levels, increasing the efficiency of development programmes and improving the effectiveness of preparation activities for the 2014-2020 planning period. Among our highest priorities is establishing the system for high-quality professional service activities based on the harmonisation of the aspects and methodologies of territorial and rural development.

In order to achieve the above goals the organisation is active in three main areas:

  1. Cross-border development: Supporting the bilateral and multilateral partnership projects of expert organisations operating within the region and across the all border sections is a priority objective, just as the initiation of new projects, especially in the areas of territorial and rural development planning and cooperation.
  2. Transnational and interregional projects: In order to transfer the development experiences accumulated in the European Union and to reinforce the development cooperation among the member states our organisation pays special attention to the implementation of transnational projects. Our primary fields of cooperation are the INTERREG IVC, Central Europe and South East Europe programmes, where we prioritise thematic areas jointly identified with our strategic regional partners. Among others, these include rural economic development enterprise networks and clusters, green economy, social economy, family-friendly initiatives, voluntary and community-based development and protection of cultural heritage
  3. Territorial and rural development networking: This category essentially covers professional work within the boundaries of the county and regional borders. On the one hand this includes the secretarial tasks of the West-Transdanubian Regional Planning and Development Network and the organisation of Network events. On the other hand we are planning to start off services enhancing the efficiency of projects implemented within the region (project management support, territorial analysis and planning, etc.) Besides we are working on initiating endogenous projects mainly in cooperation with out strategic partners in the abovementioned thematic areas.

Our organisation is seated in Szombathely, with offices located in Győr and Gelse, covering all counties of the region. From April 2012 our headcount of fulltime and part-time colleagues reached 12.

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