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European citizens do not participate equally in the Information society: in fact, the digital gap is moving down from infrastructures to uses. Based on this observation, local authorities in Europe have developed Digital Public Spaces (DPS) promoting e-inclusion.

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An E-COOP meeting: Study Visit in Poland
Place: Mazovia, Poland (Mszczonów, Warsaw) Date: 3rd-4th June 2014

Tuesday 3rd June 2014


The first day of the study visit, devoted to microimplementation, took place in Mszczonów. The participants were welcome by the Mayor of Mszczonów – Mr Józef Kurek, the Director of Mazovia Agriculture Advisory Centre – Ms Agata Sosińska and the Director of Commune Information Centre in Mszczonów – Ms Beata Sznajder. Three presentations followed:

  • An introduction to microimplementation by Andreas Koskeris;
  • Microimplementation in the context of the activities of the Commune Information Centre in Mszczonów by Beata Sznajder;
  • A detailed description of the microimplementation by Beata Sznajder, accompanied by the Commune Information Centre workers;
  • Evaluation results, by Emilia Branny-Jankowska.

The presentations were followed by a short discussion, concerning the sustainability of the microimplementation and its role in the future activities of the Commune Information Nentre. Ms Beata Sznajder stressed the fact that there is much interest in further training and journalist activities. That is why the Commune Information Centre is planning to continue the classes in the future. Moreover, as the evaluation shows, the microimplementation allowed to engage a lot of new people into the activities of GCI Mszczonów.

A visit to the Memory Chamber of Local History and the Memory Chamber of Maklakiewicz Family followed.

The afternoon session was devoted to the project issues. The project partners worked upon the policy guide topics in subgroups.


Wednesday 4th June 2014


The second day of the study visit, in the Marshall Office of the Mazovia Voivodship, was devoted to presentations of the successful projects in the Mazovia area and their relation to local and regional policy. The participants of the study visit were welcome by Mr Rybicki the Director of the Mazovia Development Agency Plc. Presentations followed:

  • Andrzej Kamasa, the Director of the Mazovia Agriculture Advisory Centre: The presentation of the activities of the Mazovia Agriculture Advisory Centre;
  • Sebastian Trojanowski: the use of the best practices from the ECOOP project in the Mazowsz@nie Project;
  • eTV Bug project;
  • the best practices of the Radomka Association;
  • the Latarnicy project.

The regional TV was present and several interviews were conducted.

A discussion followed. It was settled that the necessary consents for the best practices to be presented on an online map shall be obtained by the end of June by all the partners.