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European citizens do not participate equally in the Information society: in fact, the digital gap is moving down from infrastructures to uses. Based on this observation, local authorities in Europe have developed Digital Public Spaces (DPS) promoting e-inclusion.

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This third thematic brochure is a result of the shared analysis operated by the E-COOP project partners about the evolution of “digital mediation” policies. It focuses on the coproduction of public services through digital cooperation.


The term ‘e-service’ is generally used to describe two main areas: e-government and e-commerce (or e-business). Both have in common that they are delivered online and enable interaction between the customer and the service provider.
In the E-COOP project the focus lies on e-government. By this we mean electronic services that are provided to citizens or businesses by public authorities. These could also be called public e-services. Ideally public e-services should be all-inclusive, covering a person’s life span and include services from the following sectors:
• Social and Health care
• Housing and building
• Employment
• Education
• Democracy and participation

In general the objective of public e-services is two-fold: to improve citizens’ services as well as more efficient administration. To reach these objectives, e-services must be well designed, easy to use and find, function well and be widely accessible without problems.


Since the beginning of E-coop project we have been convinced that most of our efforts should be focused on finding news ways to involve citizens in the production of services which the new generation of digital public services should deliver.
„Citizens should be at the centre of the new E-coop.”
It is already known that (Bovaird and Löffler, 2011):
• citizens know things that many professionals don’t know
• citizens can make a service more effective as long as they have the possibility to assess it
• citizens are willing to invest time and resources in helping to improve the service and into helping others


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