Project Overview

European citizens do not participate equally in the Information society: in fact, the digital gap is moving down from infrastructures to uses. Based on this observation, local authorities in Europe have developed Digital Public Spaces (DPS) promoting e-inclusion.

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Transferring a digital initiative: The E-COOP experience
The component 4 of ecoop aimed to act as a field research add-on to the work carried out within Component 3 (exchange of experience) supporting the E-coop methodology. A micro-implementation organized within C4’s scope is understood as a practical testing of the E-coop concept. It implied partial or total transfer of BP identified through C3 within a voluntary territory in Poland.

Series of interviews and preparatory work in collaboration with local community managers in several candidate sites leaded to the implementation of the MyStory case ( ) at the Mszczonów local community center ( ). This „micro-implementation” started on October 2013 a concluded on May 2014.

The participants were:

-16 school students (gymnasium and post-gymnasium schools)

Interested in:

  • journalism
  • local history
  • new ICT technologies


-16 elderly people

  • who had interesting stories to tell
  • were involved interesting activities in local organizations
  • had an interesting profession


The main goal of the carried out work was to support Integration and intergenerational exchange of experiences and the final products were 16 video blogs to ensure access to several conducted interviews (from the students to elders).

The whole process was highly successful, raising significant interest in the local community and provided the E-COOP project with important lessons learnt on:

  • how to select a proper placement, the most suitable best case and how to plan a transfer project and
  • how to implement a transfer project.